Meet the Secretariat



Christoforos Foteinelis (Pierce – The American College of Greece)

My name is Christoforos Foteinelis, I am an IB2 student at Pierce-The American College of Greece and this year I have the honor to serve as the Secretary General of the forthcoming 6th ACGMUN.

When I was a delegate back in 2019, stepping foot into my first ever Model UN conference seemed like stepping in to a whole different world: a world full of diversity, mutual sharing of ideas, socialising and collaboration. Even then I could grasp the spirit MUN has to offer and once I grasped it, I could never let go. This is the reason I regularly climbed up this ladder leading into possibly one of the most demanding positions a conference has to offer: the Secretary General.

After four years of constantly attending live, online and hybrid conferences the one thing I could say and it may should cliché is that MUN is not only about policies, resolutions, debating; it is also about extending your network to all possible directions. Having met my closest friends and my utmost inspirations through MUN, I can now understand why every single conference appeals to me in many different ways.

Since ACGMUN will be my last conference and since it is always interpreted as the farewell to all graduates, ACGMUN has a special place in my heart not only because it is my school’s conference, but because it signalises an ending and thus a new beginning.

Every conference has its own history, reputation and legacy. As of this year, I am now one of the few responsible to carry the legacy of one of the most incredible, spectacular and memorable conferences: ACGMUN.



Elena Ioannou (Pierce – The American College of Greece)

My name is Elena Ioannou and I am an IB2 student at Pierce – The American College of Greece. In the 6th Session of the ACGMUN, I have the utmost honor of serving as the President of the General Assembly.

Personally, ACGMUN is one of the most important for me since it is my school’s conference and through the amazing ACGMUN community I had the chance to meet some of my beloved friends and best friends but also people from other schools that I had the chance to participate in conferences with. Although, the position of PGA came as a surprise to me, I’m glad I will have the opportunity to give back to the ACGMUN Community.

MUN for me started as an extra-curricular activity that served the needs of me getting a grasp of what I wanted to do in the future. However, over the years and over the conferences I attended, MUN became a necessity in my life, as the need to discuss topical issues and meet new people gained a new dimension. Therefore, MUN helped me evolve as a person and flourish into a better version of myself.



Maria Tourni (Pierce – The American College of Greece)

My name is Maro Tourni and I have the utmost honour of serving as the Deputy Secretary General in this year’s ACGMUN.

I am currently in my IB year 2 in Pierce – The American College of Greece. Apart from the knowledge and the numerous skills, MUN offers people memories and experiences, they will remember for a lifetime. My MUN experience started in 2019 and my first conference made me fall in love with this amazing community. Since then, I have participated in conferences as a delegate, a Judge, a chair, and an ICJ president. Thus, having the opportunity to serve in the Secretariat is a unique experience from me, also since it will be my first fully live conference. I would wish everyone an amazing conference with interesting discussions and fruitful collaboration!


Fani Kantzavelos (HAEF Psychico College)

My name is Fani Kantzavelos, I am an IB1 student at HAEF- Psychico College, and I have the honor to serve as a Deputy Secretary General in the sixth annual session of ACGMUN.

I never could have imagined that I would be a member of a Secretariat when I started out in MUN. I remember attending the closing ceremony of my first conference and seeing all the Student Officers and Secretariat members getting emotional in their speeches. It was something I initially didn’t understand. As I participated in more and more conferences and became a Student Officer, the days I spent in MUN became much more meaningful and filled with emotion.

Every year, ACGMUN closes the Greek academic year. This year, ACGMUN will also signal the end of an era in MUN. Many MUNers will be leaving this generation, dare I say my generation of MUN, for the next generation to come. While I will still be continuing my journey in MUN for a little longer, I cannot stress enough how much I will miss their presence in our community. I cannot imagine MUN without many of them.

However, many new things are to come, and I am excited to see what the future holds for MUN. I hope that ACGMUN will be able to offer every participant a wholesome, immersive experience and give them the opportunity to witness MUN as it is today for the last time.


Ilianna Mavroeidi (Pierce – The American College of Greece)

My name is Ilianna Mavroeidi and I am a senior at Pierce-The American College of Greece. This year I have the utmost honour of serving as a Deputy Secretary General in the upcoming 6th ACGMUN.

I can barely remember myself 2 years ago, but what I do remember are my thoughts following my first ever MUN conference. Filled with dreams and aspirations, I always wondered where this journey could lead me. And now, after many conferences, having met irreplaceable people and having lived unforgettable experiences, I am elated to be able to reach the end of this journey in such a crucial position.

MUN is a lot more than a couple of conferences discussing world issues. It’s a bridge connecting people from different countries and backgrounds, a great chance to foster long-lasting friendships with like-minded people, a great chance to raise awareness on global crises, a great chance to cultivate an abundance of skills, and most of all, a great chance to inspire and be inspired.

And now, as a member of the Secretariat, it is my goal and my job to inspire younger students and pass on my knowledge and passion for MUN. I am beyond glad to be able to do that through my school’s conference, to which I owe this and many other positions, and to conclude my MUN career as a member of the ACGMUN community.

I hope everyone sees this conference as a chance to grow and from our part, we will make sure it is beyond memorable!