Meet the Secretariat



Nefeli Gkaroutsou (Pierce – The American College of Greece)

My name is Nefeli Gkaroutsou and I am an IB2 student at the Pierce – The American College of Greece. In the 5th session of the ACGMUN, I have the utmost honour of serving as the Secretary General.

ACGMUN is truly special for me as it is my school’s conference and it first introduced me to the amazing world of MUN. I have been incredibly fortunate when it comes to MUN conferences and I owe it all to ACGMUN. My position as the Secretary General enables me to give back to the conference.

MUN started as an extracurricular activity but it quickly developed to me finding a likeminded people. Those people are a vital part of MUN and I found lifelong friends in the MUN community. My experience through most if not all positions that MUN has shown me that in every position from a Delegate to a Secretariat Member, cooperation is required among others. Cooperation is one of the many skills I have gained from MUN.

Every MUN conference I have attended has proved to be remarkable in different ways. I sincerely hope that this year’s ACGMUN will give people the opportunity to meet wonderful people, discuss interesting topics and grow individually.



Maria Pandria (Deutsche Schule Thessaloniki)

My name is Maria Pandria and I am an 11th grader at the German School of Thessaloniki (DST). In the 5th annual session of the ACGMUN, I have the utmost honour of serving as the President of the General Assembly.

I am beyond elated to have reached the point in my MUN journey, where instead of participating in a conference, I undertake the responsibility of organizing it. I am incredibly glad for the opportunity to channel my love for MUN into helping the creation of a rememberable, educational and overall highly enjoyable conference for all participants.

MUN for me is much more than an extracurricular – it is my hobby and passion. Either as a delegate, a judge, an advocate, a student officer and now as a Secretariat Member, in MUN I never stop learning and meeting wonderful people. Much like every conference I have attended has been special to me, I hope that the 5th ACGMUN also offers participants an opportunity to learn, meet new people and develop as a person – thus, as this year’s President of the General Assembly I will work hard towards achieving that goal!



Christopher Foteinelis (Pierce – The American College of Greece)

My name is Christopher Foteinelis, I am an IB1 student at Pierce-The American College of Greece and this year I have the honor to serve as the Deputy Secretary General of the forthcoming 5th ACGMUN.

When I was a delegate back in 2019, stepping foot into my first ever Model UN conference seemed like stepping in to a whole different world: a world full of diversity, mutual sharing of ideas, socialising and collaboration. Even then I could grasp the spirit MUN has to offer and once I grasped it, I could never let go. This is the reason I regularly climbed up this ladder leading into possibly one of the most demanding positions a conference has to offer: a Secretariat position.

After three years of constantly attending live, online and hybrid conferences the one thing I could say and it may should cliché is that MUN is not only about policies, resolutions, debating; it is also about extending your network to all possible directions. Having met my closest friends and my utmost inspirations through MUN, I can now understand why every single conference appeals to me in many different ways.

Since ACGMUN is the last conference to occur in the Greek academic year and since it is always interpreted as the farewell to all graduates, ACGMUN has a special place in my heart not only because it is my school’s conference, but because it signalises an ending and thus a new beginning.

Every conference has its own history, reputation and legacy. As of this year, I am now one of the few responsible to carry the legacy of one of the most incredible, spectacular and memorable conferences: ACGMUN.


Anna Alexiadou (Anatolia College)

My name is Anna Alexiadou and I am an IB1 student at Anatolia College and I will be serving as the Deputy Secretary General of the 5th ACGMUN conference.

Having been part of the MUN community since 2019, I cannot begin to describe how delighted I am to finally be able to serve in this year’s conference as a part of the Secretariat. Starting off as a delegate seeking new experiences, to defending the United Kingdom in the ICJ, to writing Study Guides as a Student Officer, there is not a single conference that failed to amaze me.

Finally, I cannot stress enough the importance of being involved in politics and diplomacy as a student; Only by being politically aware, regardless of political standpoints, is one able to initiate change.

If there’s one thing I long to achieve, that is to pass down this belief onto everyone. I truly hope we make this conference a memorable experience for each and every one of you.


Tomazina Kontou (Pierce – The American College of Greece)

Hello, my name is Tomazina Kontou and I’m an 11th grade student in Pierce- the American College of Greece. This year I have the honor to serve as the Deputy Secretary General.

I started my MUN career about 3 years ago and these few years have blessed me with unforgettable and unimaginably amazing memories, experiences and people. That time has passed so quickly! The MUN world has been the most important experience of my life. I have met fascinating people, heard the most precious things and by communicating with the other MUNers, I have learned the most important lessons.

Firstly, I have learned that even though we may seem small and unimportant in this wide world, we have power and we can make a difference. Our voices matter and if we try hard enough, we will be heard. There is a considerable strength in cultivated people with strong opinions and opportunities like these, offer us a chance to gather and strengthen each other even more.

Secondly, I learned that I matter and I need to stand up for myself. I started as a shy kid who wouldn’t even participate in class and then transformed to someone who supports their values and takes on challenges.

I hope that this conference can be a chance for you to also realize the aforementioned and that it can be a pleasant experience for all. I can’t wait to meet you all soon!