Opening & Closing Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Friday, April 8th


17:00-17:05 Broadcast of the Opening Ceremony Video


17:05-17:10 Introduction of the Conference by the President of the General Assembly


17:10-17:15 Broadcast of Dr. David Horner’s speech


17:15-17:30 Speeches Delivered by the Secretariat


17:30-17:35 Broadcast of Dr. Alberto Prati’s Speech


17:35-17:40 Broadcast of Ann Makosinski’s Speech


17:40-17:45 Broadcast of Artistic Piece Created by Pierce Students


17:40 Conference is Declared Open


Closing Ceremony

Sunday, April 10th


17:00-17:05 Broadcast of Closing Ceremony Video


17:05-17:15 Speech Delivered by ACGMUN Advisor, Mrs. Katsoulis Christina


17:15-18:00 Speeches Delivered by Student Officers


18:00-18:30 Speeches Delivered by the Secretariat


18:30 Conference is Declared Closed