THIMUN Affiliation

It is with great pleasure that ACGMUN proudly announces its affiliation with the THIMUN Foundation, marking a significant milestone in our journey for excellence in the Model United Nations community.

During the 7th annual ACGMUN, which took place March 29- 31, 2024, a member of the THIMUN Foundation Board of Directors visited our campus and assessed the conference and its daily operations to ensure that the implementation of such were aligned with the highly esteemed standards as outlined, also making valuable recommendations to guarantee further improvement. The THIMUN Board granted ACGMUN THIMUN affiliation and therefore, the 8th ACGMUN will carry its seal of approval and will continue to strive for greater excellence.

This affiliation stands as a testament to ACGMUN’s commitment to rigorous standards of academic distinction, diplomacy, and global citizenship. By meeting all the criteria set forth by the THIMUN Foundation, our conference has demonstrated its dedication to fostering meaningful dialogue, understanding, and collaboration among students from more than 10 countries every year. This affiliation grants a new chapter for ACGMUN, solidifying its position as a fruitful conference for nurturing the skills and perspectives necessary to tackle the complex challenges of our multifaceted global community.

We thank the THIMUN Foundation Board of Directors for welcoming ACGMUN to the family of THIMUN Affiliated Conferences. We are very proud to have been given such a distinction in recognition of years of dedication to providing students with a forum to discuss, learn and  think up solutions to vital global issues.

The ACGMUN Organizing Team extends its gratitude towards the Secretariat, the Student Officers’ team, the Staff and the Press Team for their devotion and contributions in making the 7th ACGMUN Conference a success.